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Pokemon – Crystal Version for GBC, just like its predecessors, is played from a  top-down and third-person perspective. In this GBC ROM, the player directly navigates the main character around the exciting new fictional world. Much like in Pokemon Gold and Silver, the story and setting remain largely similar. However, the legendary beast Suicune has a far more important role in the ROM’s storyline. So, if this sounds intriguing, join the protagonist as they peruse areas like the Ruins of Alph, and encounter and fight different Pokemon.

If you’d like to learn more about Pokemon – Crystal Version for GBC and what it has to offer, stick around, or go straight below to the download link!

Pokemon – Crystal Version Gameplay

This Game Boy Color ROM is an RPG video game. Here, much like in the previous Pokemon games, you play the main protagonist. 

Like Gold and Silver, the ROM takes place in the Johto region. Access to Kanto is granted later on in the game. Your starting town is New Bark Town.

As is the case in previous Pokemon games, one of your main objectives is to defeat all Johto Gym Leaders, win all 8 Badges, take on the Elite Four, as well as the current Pokemon League Champion.

What the Game Offers

Although the ROM’s gameplay is very similar to Gold and Silver, there are also several new features. 

New Features

  • Unlike the previous versions where the main character was always male, players can now choose their character’s gender
  • A feature which appears here for the first time ever –  the Pokemon have short animated sprites when they’re going to battle (for instance, once a Cyndaquil starts to battle, the flames on its back will flicker)
  • This Game Boy Color ROM features the addition of a few subplots, like the one revolving around the legendary Suicune Pokemon, and the one involving the Unown
  • The GBC ROM also features the addition of the Battle Tower – a whole new building that allows you to participate in Pokémon Stadium-like battles 
  • There are several new Trainers, and you can only be battle some of them after meeting certain conditions (e.g. you can battle Pokefan Jaime on Route 39 only at night) 
  • The game also features an updated version of the Ruins of the Alph
  • By completing enough puzzles, you’ll read secret messages left by the Unown 

Suicune Pokemon Subplot

In this ROM, the legendary Suicune Pokemon has a more important role in the plot.

  • To challenge Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, the player must first awaken the legendary beast trio, consisting of Suicune, Raikou, and Entei
  • You’ll encounter Suicune at different locations throughout the Johto region
  • Upon receiving the Clear Bell, the legendary Suicune shall appear stationary at the Tin Tower
  • Also, Mythicalman Eusine whose life ambition is to search for Suicune appears
  • Said Mythicalman Eusine will battle you in Cianwood City in order to gain the respect of Suicune 

Final Thoughts on Pokemon – Crystal Version for GBC

In short, the Pokemon – Crystal Version is in no way lacking compared to other Pokemon games. The GBC ROM really does lay down the groundwork for the Pokemon world. As a result,  we get to experience a connected, harmonized world. On top of that, the addition of two subplots keeps you engaged, while giving the game an air of mystery. All in all, the GBC game’s new features make it a noteworthy addition to the Pokemon franchise. So, have fun facing off against various Gym Leaders and different Pokemon. 

Your Pokemon – Crystal Version for GBC ROM download link is right below. 

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How to download Pokemon - Crystal Version ROM?

1. Download the ZIP file for the OS you need

2. Install the Emulator you need

3. Open the Emulator.

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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