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Metroid – Fusion, released in 2002, is an action-adventure game playable on the Game Boy Advance. The game received several awards and critical acclaim for several elements such as gameplay, graphics, and music. Our ROM lets you experience the exciting story and combat of Metroid – Fusion for free!

The story follows Samus Aran, the famous bounty hunter, as she investigates a planet inhabited by parasitic organisms called X. After barely escaping the attack from these parasites, Samus receives medical treatment. Once the procedure ends, she ventures back onto the planet to explore a space station after it explodes. Along the way, a cybernetic entity by the name of Adam accompanies Samus throughout her journey. Together, they find out the secrets behind the Biologic Space Laboratory station. Download our ROM for free and find out what shocking discoveries Samus makes there!

Metroid – Fusion Gameplay 

Metroid – Fusion is a side-scrolling action-adventure game with an open-ended world. This means you can complete the game in the order you see fit. However, Metroid – Fusion is a bit more linear than the previous Metroid games. This is because Metroid – Fusion places a lot of focus on the storyline, and guides the player through the rooms of the space station.

The player controls Samus Aran, the main protagonist of the series. By using platforms, her gun, and solving various puzzles, Samus can progress through the game. However, unlike other Metroid games, Metroid – Fusion introduced new movement features. These came in the form of grabbing ledges and climbing ladders. They are a good replacement for the now unavailable mid-air Bomb Jumping.

Most importantly, the objective is to clear the dungeons and progress through the game using Samus’s various abilities. Obtain power-ups to improve her weapons and armor. In addition, obtaining these power-ups allows you to access areas you couldn’t enter before.

What the game offers: 

  • Game Boy Advance link cable capabilities

Use the Game Boy Advance link cable to connect Metroid – Fusion to Metroid – Prime and unlock new features in Metroid – Prime! After completing Metroid – Prime, you can get Samus’s Fusion Suit. On the other hand, you can also connect Metroid – Fusion to Metroid – Zero Mission. This unlocks a picture gallery of Metroid – Fusion which you can view on your GBA.

  • Unlock the first Metroid game

Upon completing Metroid – Fusion, you can unlock an emulated version of the 1986 Metroid game. As a result, you can enjoy the original game and its story if you’ve never seen it before! Of course, if you’ve already played the first Metroid game, unlocking this game mode lets you take a trip to the past!

  • Navigation Rooms

If you’re lost and not sure where to go, Metroid – Fusion introduces a new concept called Navigation Rooms. These rooms are a great help if you’re lost and not sure where you should go next. In addition, Adam, the cybernetic entity that follows Samus throughout her journey, also gives out objectives to complete.

  • Gain back your powers

Samus is left without her Power Suit at the beginning of the game. As a result, she must gain back all the abilities she had in the Power Suit. In short, she must obtain the various power-ups she can download from Data Rooms around the space station. Additionally, Samus can also obtain powers from absorbing Core-X. You can usually find these after defeating bosses.



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