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Download Super Mega Man X for Nintendo’s Super Entertainment System. Free Mega Man X SNES ROM plus download and installation guide below!

If you want to learn more about the classic Mega Man X for SNES game, then keep on reading.

Mega Man X for SNES 

Not unlike the original Mega Man, the Mega Man X game follows the protagonist named Mega Man X. Our protagonist X is also an android member of the military task force called ‘Maverick Hunters’. Together with his sidekick Zero, X must put an end to Sigma, the powerful Maverick leader who, like any other villain with an evil plan, seeks to bring about human extinction. Accompany X and his sidekick Zero as they battle bosses, and eventually face off against Sigma

Mega Man X Gameplay 

Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is an action-platform game also focused on run-and-gun gameplay. As expected, the player takes control of the main character X in this ROM. After completing the intro stage, the player will be presented with a stage selection screen that depicts eight boss characters.  Additionally, every stage is filled with enemies and obstacles, and it ends with a Maverick. In order to use each Maverick’s signature weapon, the player must defeat them in each stage. 

What the Game Offers

When it comes to the gameplay, progression, and goals, Mega Man X is quite similar to Mega Man. Furthermore, Mega Man X is just as intense as the original Mega Man, if not a bit more polished. Therefore, those who enjoyed playing Mega Man should find Mega Man X just as entertaining. 


  • X (Dr. Light’s creation, as well as the main character)
  • Zero (X’s sidekick who just so happens to be his trusted friend)
  • Dr. Cain  (archeologist and founder of the Maverick Hunters)
  • Sigma (leader of the Mavericks and villain seeking to bring about human extinction)
  • Vile (recurring villain, also reappears as a mid-game boss)

X’s Upgrades

During the game, X finds rare blue Light Capsules. Now, these capsules show a holographic message from Dr. Light, and they also brief X on the newest upgrade he’s just about to receive.

  • Helmet Piece (X will be able to break blocks by hitting them underneath)
  • Body Piece (as a result, X’s damage is reduced by half)
  • Arm Pieces (now X has the ability to charge up special weapons or even charge the X-Buster) 
  • Leg Pieces (our beloved X can now dash on the ground, along with breaking blocks just by jumping on them)
  • Hidden Capsule (grants X helpful and powerful abilities)
  • Leg Pieces (our beloved X can now dash on the ground, along with breaking blocks just by jumping on them)
  • Hidden Capsule (grants X powerful abilities)


Once the player completes the introductory stage, they must go through 8 stages to defeat 8 bosses before reaching the final boss battles with Sigma. 

  • Intro Stage 
  • Chill Penguin’s Stage
  • Storm Eagle’s Stage
  • Flame Mammoth’s Stage
  • Gigantic Generator: Spark Mandrill
  • Underground Mines: Armored Armadillo 
  • Marine Base Entrance: Launch Octopus
  • Kuwanger Tower: Boomer Kuwanger
  • Forest Base: Sting Chameleon
  • 4 Sigma stages – Sigma 1: Fortress Grounds, Sigma 2: Observatory Keep, Sigma 3: Fortress Hall, and Final Sigma Stage: Sigma’s Machine


  • Vile in Mech Armor (Intro stage)
  • Chill Penguin
  • Spark Mandrill
  • Armored Armadillo
  • Launch Octopus
  • Boomer Kuwanger
  • Sting Chameleon
  • Storm Eagle
  • Flame Mammoth
  • Bosspider (final stage)
  • Rangda Bangda (final stage)
  • D-Rex (final stage)
  • Velguader (final stage)
  • Sigma (final stage)
  • Wolf Sigma (final stage)

Advanced Techniques

Due to some additions, X has several new abilities not used by the original Mega Man in this game. 

  • Hop Shot (repeated firing at various heights)
  • Dash Jumping (long jump)
  • Wall Climbing (sliding up and down the wall)
  • Wall Dash Jumping (long jumps while scaling walls)
  • Quickly switching weapons without pausing the game 
  • Using a weaponized combat vehicle, also known as the Ride Armour
  • Finding the newest upgrades to his armor 

X’s Special Weapons 

  • Shotgun Ice
  • Electric Spark
  • Rolling Shield 
  • Homing Torpedo
  • Boomerang Cutter
  • Chameleon Sting 
  • Storm Tornado
  • Fire Wave 

Final Thoughts on Mega Man X for SNES

Lastly, Mega Man X is right up there with its predecessor Mega Man in terms of fame and entertainment.  Although similar to Mega Man, this gameplay still proved to be very engaging and just as intense as the original. 

A perfect combo of returning features we know and love along with some spicy new additions indeed made for a perfect nostalgic getaway. While we’re on that subject, humanity as we know it is depending on you to save us. So, gear up Maverick Hunters!  Your Mega Man X download link is waiting for you right down below. 

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Download links

How to download Mega Man X ROM?

1. Download the ZIP file for the OS you need

2. Install the Emulator you need

3. Open the Emulator.

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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