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Final Fantasy games are famous for their rich and compelling narrative, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GameBoy Advance is no different. 

The story takes us to Ivalice, where most Final Fantasy Tactics games take place. The world of Ivalice is essentially a recreation of what Mewt remembers from a Final Fantasy game. Mewt brings home a magical book from the library. Consequently, he changes their town of St. Ivalice forever.

The next day, Marche, one of our main characters, wakes up to see the world transformed into Ivalice. Although their lives are better in Ivalice, Marche wants to return everything to the way it was. Subsequently, he tries to explain to everyone else that none of it is real. However, they are not too eager to return home.

For example, Mewt is now the Prince of Ivalice and has reunited with his deceased mother. However, this world is not all it seems to be. As a result, everyone in their real-world town has been swept up in the mess and is suffering under Mewt’s rule. 

Marche embarks on a quest to return home and restore Ivalice to normal with his friend Ritz Malheur, younger brother Doned Radiuju, and Mewt’s father Cid Randell. Above all, they learn an important lesson along the way. To experience this tale, download the free ROM and play through the game!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Gameplay 

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance takes place in an isometric three-dimensional point of view available thanks to the GBA. The battles are turn-based like most early Final Fantasy games. You play as Marche, a clan leader and one of the main characters. The objective is to do enough missions and advance your party to be able to take on and defeat Mewt. By doing this, Marche and his friends will restore the world of Ivalice back to their town of St. Ivalice!

What the game offers: 

  • A creative job system

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, players can take on 34 different jobs. These jobs change your character’s stats, the equipment they can have, and the abilities they use. However, certain jobs are only available to certain races. To clarify, there are five playable races in the game, and they each also have a guardian beast they can summon in battle!

  • Laws system

The laws system is an interesting mechanic in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. In the game, there are Judges that set these laws, and they are present at each battle. However, the Judges cannot be killed. The laws they make can pertain to forbidding the use of certain weapons, items, spells, and more. If your characters break these laws, they receive a red or yellow card. The Judges can also imprison the characters if they infringe the law twice or K.O. an enemy using a forbidden item or spell. Similarly, the Judges also recommend weapons, items, and spells that grant bonus points. As a result, the characters can use these points to perform combos or to use a summon.

  • 200 missions

Your party must complete missions to advance their status and progress the game. To do this, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has 200 missions to enjoy and keep you entertained with different objectives! The different types of missions feature regular missions, encounter missions, dispatch, and area missions. They will have you enjoying our Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ROM for a long time!


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How to download Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ROM?

1. Download the ZIP file for the OS you need

2. Install the Emulator you need

3. Open the Emulator.

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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